Life in motion

Ours is a family company founded in 1972 by my father Angelo manufacturing chain guards supplying Italian bike manufacturers. By 1979 the company had expanded and my mother Bruna had joined to become an essential part of the business. As our range of chain guards developed, so did our market share however the boom in mountain bikes in 1989 without chain guards had a drastic effect on our turnover.

As is very often the case, necessity is the mother of invention so we adapted our production to manufacture cycle racks, which in those days represented a new and developing market. Sticking to our basic principals of manufacturing a good quality, safe product and avoiding the very low, price-dominated end of the market we were quickly able to develop both the national and international markets.

We currently sell in all European countries as well as: Norh Africa, South America, Asia.
The international market rapresents approximately 70% of our turnover.
To offer to our customers a big quality product and an efficent service at low costs, the factory Peruzzo srl since 2005 is cerfied ISO 9001:2000 by one of the main institutes of certification.

After 46 years of activity we would say that the following keywords represents the culture and value of the Peruzzo company:

FAMILY: Peruzzo is a close knit family company, my parents are still very active in the business and have now been joined by myself, my sister, my husband and my brother in law, but its not just us as the family, most of our employees and agents have been with us for more than 25 years and are part of our family as well. Peruzzo is a family company because its strength is based on family values.

CUSTOMER TRUST: Many of our customers have been with us for more than 30 years and this long-term cooperation is a result of a mutual respect and support which has developed over time.

OUR HOME BASE: Peruzzo is a company strongly linked to the its home base, we are proud that all our products are manufactured in Italy contributing to the social and economic well being of our area which is the north east of Italy, a highly industrialized area. In fact the economy in our area is characterized by many family companies like ours, by working together we can create a healthy business network, which allows us to be competitive in all markets.

FLEXIBILITY: We work hard at being flexible from the very essence of our business structure allowing us to react quickly to market situations. Innovation is a constant feature of Peruzzo, we invest heavily in new and unique products as well as improving our existing ranges through product developments.

BRAND: Over the last few years we have changed our marketing policy to focus on the development of the Peruzzo brand. We have created new branding, new packaging, new images as well as a completely new website and promotions which have already made the Peruzzo brand known within the cycle industry. It is important to us to see the results of this through end users specifying to our distributors the type and model of Peruzzo rack that they want. Venezia, Padova and Firenze and the new Pure Instinct high range are becoming known throughout Europe.

This is our company, our family, and we hope to have you as our client, meanwhile enjoy the surfing!

Paola and Martina

Life in motion